Design Process

The architect’s services are generally sub-divided into six consecutive phases. Within each phase of the architectural process we continually analyze and monitor design and construction prices to maintain cost effectiveness on our projects.

Schematic Design Phase

This initial phase involves the architect consulting with the owner to determine the scope of the project. Once the scope is agreed upon, the architect then prepares schematic design studies which lead to a recommended solution. Following approval, the architect submits a cost estimate of probable construction costs, based on current area costs.

Design Development Phase

Based on the approval of the schematic design, the architect prepares the design development documents, consisting of plans, elevations, and other drawings that illustrate the size and character of the entire project. A further statement of probable construction costs is submitted.

Construction Documents Phase

After the owner approves the design development documents, the architect prepares working drawings and specifications for the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, equipment, and site work. The necessary bidding information, proposal and contract forms are prepared. Governmental approvals are finalized. Adjusted cost estimates are submitted.

Bidding or Negotiation Phase

Following the owner’s approval of the construction documents and latest statement of probable costs, the architect assists the owner in obtaining bids or negotiating proposals. The architect will also assist in awarding contracts.

Construction Observation

The architect assists the owner in general administration of the construction work. Shop drawings, conferences, project observations and final approval for certificates of payment are services to be rendered by the architect.

Interior Design

As an additional service, if requested by the owner, the architect may supplement his basic services by providing expertise in selecting, purchasing, and overseeing installation of goods which further the client’s goals. This category offers the opportunity for designs ranging from tenant planning to art programs and interior landscaping to product design.