Building Remodel

Most existing buildings, although not entirely functional for today’s usage, are still structurally sound and can be re-utilized to better serve the occupants. We feel this not only is in line with the ‘green design’ concept, (reduce, reuse, recycle) but is also a great investment for the surrounding community. Remodeling or renovating an existing structure in an established district can bring new life to that area and help reduce the amount of waste going to the landfills. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has a great interest in remodeling existing buildings and our Design Team is well versed in this area.

Bloedorn Lumber Corporate Office

This project is currently under construction and involves transforming this existing building that once served as a financial facility, into a fully functional corporate office space for Bloedorn Lumber Company. This building was originally constructed in the early 1970’s, and is in the heart of downtown Torrington. This project presented an interesting challenge in that the basement, although large, had low ceilings. The ceiling height was only 7’-2”, which left little room for the mechanical and electrical upgrades that were needed in this building. To overcome this challenge and add valuable square-footage to the building, the basement floor was lowered to allow this space to not only be functional, but also more comfortable.

To improve the aesthetics of the exterior of the building, the existing brick façade is overlain with EIFS and synthetic stone, while arches and stone accents were added to the exterior to compliment the surrounding downtown architectural atmosphere.

Lincoln Community Complex

This project was completed in 2010 and encompassed the renovation of an existing 1950s, single-story school building for the City of Torrington to use as their community complex, which is 42,000sf. This building includes the Torrington Police Department, the Municipal Court Room, the UW Outreach program, the local Food Bank, non-profit organizations, an Adult Day Facility, City Hall, the City Engineers office, a Children’s Day Care, and a community room with a full kitchen.

This building required all new mechanical, electrical, and communication systems due to its age. To provide the City of Torrington with the most energy efficient and cost appropriate mechanical system, full evaluations of different energy systems were evaluated and presented to the City of Torrington before the mechanical system was chosen.


This project was completed in 1995 and incorporated the renovation of an existing K-Mart facility into a well-functioning, highly-efficient office building. This renovation included the exterior and site design, as well as 120, 000sf interior space which included open offices, a cafeteria, several office suites, and an exercise room with separate locker rooms. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates continue to provide interior tenant finishes for new occupants of the building.

Wyoming State Bank

This project involved remodeling an existing building and was completed in 2007. The building was previously functioning as a restaurant, and therefore extensive interior remodeling was required. A new covered entry was added to the building to define the public entry and add visual interest to the building. In the rear of the building, a large canopy structure was added to facilitate the drive-through teller lines.

Financial Institutions

Throughout the years Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has designed many financial institutions. With this experience comes the knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of financial organizations. Great care is taken to assure that adequate attention to detail is achieved while maintaining the overall design concept. This is true in every aspect of the building design process, from material and furniture selection through lighting and security considerations. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects strives to provide a facility that will exceed the design standards by improving the environment in which our clients interact with their customers.

Oregon Trail Bank

This was a new two-story building for Oregon Trail Bank that was completed in 2006. The main floor is 6,434sf while the second floor is larger at 6,855sf. This was a direct result of areas on the second floor being cantilevered over landscape niches on the main floor. The location of this building is ideal as it is located on a prominent intersection, College Drive and Lincolnway. The configuration of the site itself presented a challenge due to its shape. The site is shaped somewhat like a trapezoid; which although is interesting, limits the footprint of the building. Another obstacle with this site is the fact that directly adjacent is an area set aside by the City to be used as a detention pond. These challenges were overcome with a design that is functional, as well as aesthetically appealing. Soon after the construction of the building, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects also designed the interior space for the second floor, tenant finish, which is utilized as leasable space.

Western Vista Credit Union Storey Blvd.

This was a new 3,500sf, single-story building for Western Vista Credit Union that was completed in 2005.  This building is located on the corner of Storey Boulevard and Powderhouse. Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects assisted in the site selection process. This site was chosen for its great location, being in the north section of Cheyenne (as this was to serve as the North Cheyenne Branch) and being located at the intersection of two fairly prominent streets. Although the location of this site was ideal, the shape of the site proved to be challenging as it is very narrow. This challenge was overcome by setting the building on different axes. This not only allowed the building to fulfill the functionality needs of the program, but it also enhanced the building’s interaction with the surrounding landscape. Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects was involved throughout the entire design process of this project, from site selection through construction completion, including the interior design and furniture selection.

Pinnacle Bank

This facility serves as the north branch for Pinnacle Bank. It is a 5,000sf building that was completed in 2003. This facility contains private offices as well as an open office plan just off the lobby area. This building also has a conference room, with a custom conference table. The lobby area has several unique design features; sky lights, a three-sided fireplace with stone surround and television niche, and a curved metal soffit above the teller area. The interior design and furniture selection was part of our design of this beautiful building.

Security First Savings & Loan

Built in the early 1980s, this was a small financial institution with berm-side walls to help with energy efficiency. The interior design was also a part of this project.

Rocky Mountain Federal Savings & Loan

This was a new multi-story facility with unique characteristics. Due to site limitations, the majority of the first floor consists of the drive-up teller lanes, as the upper stories are located above. This is a dramatic building, with which we are proud to include in our portfolio. Our design also encompassed the interior design of the building.

Equality State Bank

This was a new three-story facility, built in the 1980s, and is one of our favorite designs. Although, the building has since been expanded upon due to growth in the company, the design elements of the building are timeless. Our original design of the building also included the interior design.

Key Bank Convenience Center

This facility was designed and built in 1995 as a convenience center for Key Bank. It is a 2,850 sf, single-story facility constructed of brick and EIFS. The entry is defined and highlighted with columns.

Wyoming Employees Federal Credit Union

Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates designed this building in 2003. The original building was a 5,000sf, single‐story facility. This new building contained offices, teller lines and drive up facilities, as well as a large conference room for corporate meetings and training. The original Wyoming Employees Federal Credit Union has since undergone a name change to Meridian Trust, and has had large success and usage in this branch. The project also included interior design and furniture selection.

Western Vista Credit Union - Sparks Ave.

This project was completed in 2003 and involved remodeling an existing building and adding an addition. The addition completely altered the functionality of the building to better suit the owner’s needs. The front teller and reception area were remodeled entirely. A second, completely separate entry was added for the mortgage department. The addition also included the drive-up.

Wyoming State Bank

This project involved remodeling an existing building to bring the building up to current code standards and to better reflect the client’s image. An extensive amount of mechanical upgrades were completed to bring the building up to code and provide a comfortable environment for the end users. In addition to the mechanical upgrades, all of the interior finishes were updated as well. Not only did this better reflect the client’s image, but it also increased the functionality of the space. The lower level of the building was also renovated and allowed the owner to utilize more of the building, again increasing the functionality of the building.


Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has an extensive amount of experience working with governmental agencies of all levels. Throughout the years, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has worked with many local municipalities on varying degrees of projects ranging from small storage buildings to large community complexes. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has successfully fulfilled multiple contracts on the state level, pertaining to several statewide projects for the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming State Parks and Historical Sites. In addition to these, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has also worked with governmental agencies on the federal level, completing many ventures with high-level security issues and unique program requirements. With vast experience in this arena, as well as extensive knowledge pertaining to new governmental regulations, including LEED certification and ADA compliance issues, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects provides quality architectural services in the public sector.

Cheyenne Training Complex Fire Rescue

This project was completed in 2002 and incorporated the design and construction of three separate buildings for the purpose of providing fire training for not only the Cheyenne Fire Department, but also for other municipal, county and regional fire departments as well. This project included a 6-story Fire Tower; 2-story 1600 SF Burn Building; a 13,200 SF building housing not only offices and training rooms, but also a fire station serving a portion of southeast Cheyenne, a 2-story Observation Tower, and a Drafting Pit.

Laramie County Annex Building

This project involved designing a new 90,000sf facility for Laramie County Wyoming which included county offices and courtrooms. In addition to design and construction of the building, a comprehensive interior design package was incorporated, including individual offices, work areas, and open office plans. This project was completed in 1994.

Wyoming Air National Guard Fire Station

This project included a 14,000sf addition to the apparatus bay and a 4,800sf remodel of the existing building. The building material consists of structural steel, CMU and brick masonry with EIFS, EPDM and Metal Roofing. The project included adding a fire suppression system, sleeping quarters, kitchen, conference room, gymnasium, and locker rooms. It also included a training facility, apparatus bay, and dispatch center, along with a fire extinguisher charging center. This project was completed in 2008.

YES House Tammy Hladky Center of Hope

In Gillette, Wyoming the Youth Emergency Services, Inc. (YES House) has served the needs of young people and their families for several years, offering a variety of support services. In recent years the agency has desired to build a campus facility that will bring together all of their programs onto one site. Noel Griffith and Associates is the architect for these campus buildings. The third and largest of the four buildings at 26,100 square feet is currently under construction. It will house the administrative, staff, and counseling offices for the YES House, six classrooms, a large multi-purpose room/gym, and a commercial kitchen and dining room.

Summit Rest Area

This rest area also serves as an information center for visitors to this part of Wyoming. There are display areas for tourism information, a unique mural depicting the state of Wyoming, and an outlook / observation deck taking advantage of the landscape views. A large skylight brings natural light into both the women’s and men’s toilet rooms.

Dining Hall F.E. Warren Air Force Base

In 1987 the Base Dining Hall facility was renovated to improve functionality. The Dining Hall served as both a dining facility and a training facility, and the current building was not sufficient to support these functions. Therefore, this project not only included renovating the existing 9400 sf, but also incorporated a 2700 sf addition. This project has been recognized nationally, winning two prestigious awards; the Hennessey Trophy and the R.T. Rhiney Trophy for outstanding design.

Anderson Elementary School

This school served as the prototype facility for the Laramie County School District Number One and was constructed in 1985. The corridors feature a large skylight to provide natural light into the interior of the building. Interior windows along with light shelves in the classroom, extend this natural light into the learning environment.

Afflerbach Elementary School

This school was modeled after Anderson Elementary School and completed in 1987. It features the same energy conservation qualities as its predecessor, such as skylights and light shelves. Like Anderson, Afflerbach also has a unique wall sculpture in the entry lobby adding character and interest.

McCormick Junior High School

This project involved building an addition to the school where an existing courtyard was located. This was a very delicate process requiring extensive research and details in regards to roof drainage and circulation requirements. This addition included a new entry, new classrooms, as well as new administration areas.

Social Security Administration

In 2011, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects completed an interior remodel and tenant finish for the Social Security Administration. This project involved following specific design guidelines as set by the GSA while maintaining the unique programming needs of the SSA. This project was completed successfully, and within the time requirements.


Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects has a wide variety of experience in the commercial design arena, spanning over 30 years. This vast experience brings a great deal of knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry. Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects has designed everything from multi-building complexes to minor interior remodel projects, including interior design. Along with this range in project size, Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects also has a diverse background in several different types of projects. From doctor offices and physical therapy clinics to executive conference areas and open office design, Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects has designed an array of facilities, each specific to the individual owner’s needs.

Hirst Applegate Law Firm

This project was completed in 2010 and involved the interior remodel of an existing building in historic downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming. The fourth floor of the Boyd Building was renovated to better serve as the main floor for Hirst Applegate Law Firm. The fourth floor is 4,250sf and consists of several private offices, a reception area, new ADA accessible restroom with shower, small meeting room, and a formal conference room.

Cheyenne Country Club

The existing Cheyenne Country Club building need an addition to expand upon the services offered. This addition included a very attractive entry, two extensive locker rooms and a unique retail area.

Allstate Insurance

In 2007, Noel Griffith and Associates was asked to remodel an existing large office space for a new Allstate Insurance customer service call center re-locating to Cheyenne. The space to be considered was 25,200sf. Project restrictions included numerous Allstate guidelines and requirements, as well as constraints of the existing space. The open office space was remodeled to include a new entryway, several “huddle rooms”, offices, training facilities, as well as a large employee break and dining area.

College Drive Business Park

This design-build project was completed in 2009 and consists of 7 buildings, each complimentary to the other with stone and stucco exteriors. There are 21 units; 1 fourplex, 1 triplex, and 7 duplexes. This business park, just off of College Drive, offers the community a wide variety of specialties, ranging from physical therapy and pain management to engineering and attorney offices. This project not only involved the design of the campus plan, building footprints and elevations, but also tenant finish. Interior design services were also rendered at the owner’s requested. This business park was so successful, phase II of College Park is currently under construction.

Edeen – Eagle Ridge Business Plaza

This was a new, two-building complex completed in 2003. The two buildings complement each other in design and materials with pleasing stone and stucco finishes.

First American Title Company

A new 8,000sf facility in downtown Cheyenne incorporating not only offices and meeting rooms, but also open office areas with systems furniture and large open entry/reception space. This project was completed in 1997.

Holland and Hart

This project incorporated the renovation of 16,000 sf of new office space for a law firm. It includes the design of open office space, systems furniture and interior design. This project was completed in 1998 at a cost of $600,000.

KABO Chemicals, Inc.

This was a two-story office building in Industrial Park, Cheyenne, Wyoming completed in 1999. This building is wood construction, with traditional metal roof and exterior of EIFS and brick. A portion of the second floor has enhanced structural components to accommodate the weight of a large file room as requested by the owner.

Burns Library – Community Space

This project incorporated the renovation of existing office space into a new library facility for the community of Burns. This facility was designed not only as a library but also as a focal point for the community to be utilized as a gathering/social place for all members of the community – young and old. The 4,400 sf project was completed in 2001.


Over the years Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has been involved in numerous historical preservation projects throughout Wyoming. These projects range from true historic preservation and historic renovation/rehabilitation, to historic interpretation. The majority of our work centers on historical renovation/rehabilitation where the historical fabric of the building is maintained as much as possible, however, our firm also has experience with the other end of the historical preservation spectrum. This refers to historic interpretation, where exact replicas are not required/desired, but the overall feel of the historic time period is respected in the design. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has worked in conjunction with several historical preservation agencies such as; National Parks for Historic Properties, Wyoming State Parks & Historic Sites, Base Historic Preservation Office, as well as various other local historic organizations. The following is a sampling of our historical preservation/renovation/rehabilitation projects that Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates has completed over the years.

Superior Union Hall

In the town of Superior, Wyoming, a small mining town located east of the city of Rock Springs, WY, the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), constructed the Union Hall in 1921. Neither a rectangle nor a square, the building is a trapezoid unique in Wyoming as a structure of this type.

This project was undertaken to provide Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), recordation prior to the removal of the unstable roof and walls. Only the front façade and portions of the North, South and West walls remain intact. Once the structure was stabilized, the Union Hall was converted to a historical interpretive park and monument. The interpretive park, which was created inside the remaining structure, consists of an interactive concrete walkway surrounded by planters and areas of landscaping.

This Historic Interpretive Site is the result of Labor put forth by: the people of the town of South Superior, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects, The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Abandoned Mine Division, Terra Engineering, Western Wyoming College, and the Sweetwater County Commissioners Office.

Fort Fred Steele

Fort Fred Steele Historical Site is located approximately five miles east of Rawlins, Wyoming. It was a military outpost designated to defend the workers during the construction of the railroad from 1868 to 1886. Our involvement with the site included renovating and restoring the Chatterton House, the Quartermaster Building and the Schoolhouse. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates worked in conjunction with the Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites.

The Chatterton House
The Chatterton House once occupied by the fort’s commander had deteriorated over the years. It was almost to the point of not being able to restore. The wood roof and framing, wood floor and framing, and doors and windows were gone – leaving only the crumbling shell of the stonewall exterior. Although the original structures on the north and south had deteriorated to a degree that could not be salvaged, the center portion, with its gabled ends, were structurally stabilized. This allowed for the reconstruction of the roof and floor system in that area. State Parks and Historic Site personnel installed windows and interior/exterior doors. This building is currently intended to be used as an interpretive center for the site.

Quartermaster Building
The two remaining structures, the Quartermaster Building and the Schoolhouse were in similar condition before the renovations, both were deemed unsafe structures. Both buildings underwent extensive reconstruction, which allowed the restoration of the Quartermaster Building to circa 1880 and the Schoolhouse to circa 1900.

Warden's House

The construction of the Warden’s House for the Territorial Prison was started in 1874 and completed in 1875 at a cost of $3,000. However, over the next thirty years this building received several additions that drastically altered the building. In 2005, restoration of the building started and it was determined to bring the building back to circa 1895. Bringing the building back to this era involved a great deal of de-construction to remove several of the additions and alterations that this building had undergone. Time and weather had taken a toll on the building which also contributed to the de-construction of portions of the building. Great care and attention to detail was applied in every aspect of the restoration of this building down to replica hardware and carefully matching interior paint colors to samples/scrapings of the era.

Broom Factory

The original portion of the Broom Factory at the Wyoming Territorial Prison was constructed in 1892 and was to serve as a workshop for the prisoner’s to make brooms in order to pay back their debt to society. An addition was constructed in 1893, forming an ‘L’ wing on the building. Around 1902, yet another addition was constructed to the original building, lengthening this portion of the building. By 1903 all of the prisoners had been moved to the new prison facilities in Rawlings, and the University of Wyoming established the Agricultural College at the abandoned Territorial Prison Site. Over the next several years, further additions were constructed to the building.

In 2005 restoration of the building was undertaken. It was determined that this restoration would center on an 1895-1900 time frame. As such, the additions incorporated by the University of Wyoming would need to be removed. The first phase of the project involved the construction of footings and foundations under those portions of the building that were to remain. All windows in the demolished portions were salvaged for future use in the restoration. The second phase comprised of installing new roof. The final phase of this project entailed restoring the original portion of the building as well as the “L” wing of the building back to the ‘Broom Factory’.

Idelman Building

Max and Abe Idelman originally constructed the Idelman Building in 1884 to serve as their liquor and cigar shop. The business operated until the Prohibition in 1919, and then the building housed a mercantile company.

An exterior and interior remodel was undertaken in 1978. The goal of this renovation was to not only bring the building up to code standards and to function as needed by its new owner, but to also preserve the historical value of the Idelman Building.

Tivoli Building

The historic Tivoli Building located in downtown Cheyenne was built in the late 1800’s, and was used as a bar and brothel. Since that point in time, this building has had many uses, but was vacant for a number of years prior to the acquisition of the building by the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. The 1981 renovation incorporated both interior and exterior work, and was completed in 1981 for the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.

Historic Officer's Quarters

The Historic Officer’s Quarters were constructed between approximately 1895 and 1910, consisting of 156 units. These units were either 2-story single family homes or 2-story duplexes.

Both interior and exterior restoration was undertaken in 1993. The interior renovation included asbestos abatement, wood work restoration, and modernization of kitchens, bathrooms, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. The exterior restoration encompassed repair of masonry, porches, windows and roof.

Sheep Barn Study

This was a study for the Wyoming Legislature to evaluate the possibility of relocating the historic Sheep Shearing Barn from Walcott to Laramie, Wyoming. This structure dates back to 1919 and found that this is the sole-surviving structure of its kind in the entire United States.

This study included the investigation of the structural integrity of the existing structure, possible health hazards, and how to relocate the structure.

The study concluded with a cost estimate and detailed explanation for the costs involved with the relocation.

Rock Springs City Hall

The “Rock Springs City Hall” is a significant piece of architecture due to its importance to the heritage of the City of Rock Springs and the fact that is one of the last remaining examples of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture left in southwestern Wyoming.

In 1988 the building was used as the Museum of Rock Springs History. In 1991 the building was temporarily closed for an extensive remodel and rehabilitation, led by Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects, in coordination with the National Parks for Historic Properties. The Rock Springs City Hall renovation was completed in 1992. This renovation included both interior and exterior work.

Rehabilitation of Building 34

Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects has been involved with the renovation of the Security Police Building (which was originally the Base Hospital) in which the primary goal was to repair/restore the exterior facades of the structure. This included the restoration of the balcony above the front entry, the shingling of the roof, and the repair of the built-in gutter system. It also included the repair of exterior doors and windows, exterior covered porches, and the replacement, repair/pointing of stone foundation and brick façade above.


Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects has worked on several residential projects, each unique as are their owners. These ventures range from smaller interior remodel projects to large additions. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects also has worked on several custom homes, spec homes and large multi-family complexes. Whether you are looking for direction from a licensed professional to make sure your home is functional and safe, or if you desire our firm to continue with you through the construction phase well into finish selection and interior design, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates has the experience and knowledge to help you accomplish your dream.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects has worked on several industrial and manufacturing projects throughout the years. Each of these projects demonstrated unique needs, which were met by our highly diversified Design Team. Specialized mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems are utilized to enhance the functionality of the facility to meet the unique needs of the owner.

Cheyenne Airport Maintenance Building

This 1996 project involved renovating a 9,000 sf barrel-vaulted metal building (hangar) that was originally constructed in the late 1930’s. This facility provided vehicle storage for Airport vehicles (heavy construction end loaders, snow plows, etc.), vehicle maintenance area as well as small workshops and parts storage. The existing 9,000sf facility was completely renovated and brought into compliance with current building codes as well as incorporating a 2,650 sf office addition. The renovation included a new interior floor trench drain system and or/water separator, vehicle lifts, welding shop, and new electrical and mechanical systems capable of providing needs for equipment and tools for maintenance.

The original 40-foot wide x 16-foot high rolling doors were replaced with automated energy efficient, upward-acting bi-fold hangar doors. The existing corrugated metal exterior was replaced with a synthetic stucco system (EIFS) providing not only a maintenance free exterior, but also additional insulating value to lower heating costs.

The new office addition provided private office and storage space, as well as restroom/locker room and kitchen/break room facilities, meeting room, and sleeping quarters.

Cheyenne Airmotive

This project was completed in 1998. The hangar portion of the building (25,000sf) was divided in half, providing for aircraft maintenance facilities on one side and two state-of-the-art aircraft painting booths on the other side (one of only a limited number of facilities in the continental U.S.). The paint booths were designed for both paint stripping and paint application, both of which require different HVAC systems. The massive HVAC equipment was located above the booths and incorporated sophisticated air filtering systems. Given the type of paint used in the process, a water treatment facility was incorporated which removes the heavy metal content of the paint before releasing into the Cheyenne water treatment system. The north and south two-story portions of the building, comprising 24,000sf, house the offices, parts storage, employee break room, restrooms, and manufacturing areas for the business.

Cheyenne Waste Transfer Station

In 1985, Noel Griffith & Associates was the project architect for the Cheyenne Solid Waste Transfer Station. Twenty-five years later, Noel Griffith Jr, & Associates was given the opportunity to design the 8,700sf addition for the facility when they expanded their operations to include a recycling division in 2010. This addition not only enabled the City of Cheyenne to be environmentally conscience by expanding upon the existing building to provide the necessary space needed to collect recyclables from residents, it went a step further by incorporating green technology in the building system with a solar wall. This solar wall collects heat and utilizes it in the mechanical system to provide heat in the addition.

Truss Craft Manufacturing

The design for this 25,000sf building in 1999 utilized an innovative hybrid of pre-engineered structural steel main frames, wood truss purlins, and both wood and steel wall support members to enclose a high-output wood truss manufacturing facility. This facility also included 1,680sf of finished office space.

Hayes Construction

This 10,000sf office and warehouse building harmonizes the efficiencies of pre-engineered metal building construction with the aesthetics of masonry and synthetic stucco to achieve an attractive facility for a growing general construction company. This building was completed in 1999 at a cost of $35 per square foot, which includes 1,200sf of finished office space and 8,800sf of warehouse area.

Auto Hobby Shop

Completed in 1996, this 9,400sf pre-engineered metal building includes 8 bays with 2 hydraulic lifts, an auto welding shop, engine rebuilding area, parts storage, office area, waiting room and locker rooms. This facility includes an infra-red heating system, auto exhaust evacuation system, waste oil recovery system and separate air and water for each bay.

Oroweat Distribution

This building is currently under construction. The building is 6,672sf which includes office and retail space as well as a large warehouse with loading docks.

Halladay Motors

This was a mid-1970s project that involved combining a massive servicing garage with a plush new car showroom. Other factors influenced the design of this building, such as: total project time, economics, durability and long term maintenance. The end result was a highly effective pre-cast concrete building.


In 1996, Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects designed a new 54,000sf, 40-foot high building to serve as the North American headquarters for Nortrack. Over the years Nortrack accumulated more buildings as they expanded their North American operations, and in 1999 our office designed a 1,800sf addition to second building in their complex. In 2007, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects designed a renovation to a third building in their complex. This 65,000sf building included an open office area as well as a concrete tile manufacturing plant.

Quark software

This 67,800sf, two-story facility was designed in 1997. This manufacturing and distribution facility also includes an open office area, restrooms, and break room.