Oregon Trail Bank

This was a new two-story building for Oregon Trail Bank that was completed in 2006. The main floor is 6,434sf while the second floor is larger at 6,855sf. This was a direct result of areas on the second floor being cantilevered over landscape niches on the main floor. The location of this building is ideal as it is located on a prominent intersection, College Drive and Lincolnway. The configuration of the site itself presented a challenge due to its shape. The site is shaped somewhat like a trapezoid; which although is interesting, limits the footprint of the building. Another obstacle with this site is the fact that directly adjacent is an area set aside by the City to be used as a detention pond. These challenges were overcome with a design that is functional, as well as aesthetically appealing. Soon after the construction of the building, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates Architects also designed the interior space for the second floor, tenant finish, which is utilized as leasable space.