Western Vista Credit Union Storey Blvd.

This was a new 3,500sf, single-story building for Western Vista Credit Union that was completed in 2005.  This building is located on the corner of Storey Boulevard and Powderhouse. Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects assisted in the site selection process. This site was chosen for its great location, being in the north section of Cheyenne (as this was to serve as the North Cheyenne Branch) and being located at the intersection of two fairly prominent streets. Although the location of this site was ideal, the shape of the site proved to be challenging as it is very narrow. This challenge was overcome by setting the building on different axes. This not only allowed the building to fulfill the functionality needs of the program, but it also enhanced the building’s interaction with the surrounding landscape. Noel Griffith Jr & Associates Architects was involved throughout the entire design process of this project, from site selection through construction completion, including the interior design and furniture selection.