Broom Factory

The original portion of the Broom Factory at the Wyoming Territorial Prison was constructed in 1892 and was to serve as a workshop for the prisoner’s to make brooms in order to pay back their debt to society. An addition was constructed in 1893, forming an ‘L’ wing on the building. Around 1902, yet another addition was constructed to the original building, lengthening this portion of the building. By 1903 all of the prisoners had been moved to the new prison facilities in Rawlings, and the University of Wyoming established the Agricultural College at the abandoned Territorial Prison Site. Over the next several years, further additions were constructed to the building.

In 2005 restoration of the building was undertaken. It was determined that this restoration would center on an 1895-1900 time frame. As such, the additions incorporated by the University of Wyoming would need to be removed. The first phase of the project involved the construction of footings and foundations under those portions of the building that were to remain. All windows in the demolished portions were salvaged for future use in the restoration. The second phase comprised of installing new roof. The final phase of this project entailed restoring the original portion of the building as well as the “L” wing of the building back to the ‘Broom Factory’.