Fort Fred Steele

Fort Fred Steele Historical Site is located approximately five miles east of Rawlins, Wyoming. It was a military outpost designated to defend the workers during the construction of the railroad from 1868 to 1886. Our involvement with the site included renovating and restoring the Chatterton House, the Quartermaster Building and the Schoolhouse. Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates worked in conjunction with the Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites.

The Chatterton House
The Chatterton House once occupied by the fort’s commander had deteriorated over the years. It was almost to the point of not being able to restore. The wood roof and framing, wood floor and framing, and doors and windows were gone – leaving only the crumbling shell of the stonewall exterior. Although the original structures on the north and south had deteriorated to a degree that could not be salvaged, the center portion, with its gabled ends, were structurally stabilized. This allowed for the reconstruction of the roof and floor system in that area. State Parks and Historic Site personnel installed windows and interior/exterior doors. This building is currently intended to be used as an interpretive center for the site.

Quartermaster Building
The two remaining structures, the Quartermaster Building and the Schoolhouse were in similar condition before the renovations, both were deemed unsafe structures. Both buildings underwent extensive reconstruction, which allowed the restoration of the Quartermaster Building to circa 1880 and the Schoolhouse to circa 1900.